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Longines Watches – This years Springtime and Summer time Version

Especially preferred by women, Longines wristwatches of the 2010 spring and summer collection have been released to China market with traditional and impressive design, adding more appeal to the stylish clothing collection of the fashionistas. Below, I particularly selected out two kinds of them to discuss.

Longines replica watches, creative and personalized
Classic dark going with increased silver makes extremely creative air and customized appeal. Fantastic light uses up the periodic fashion, nice as well as contemporary. ongines replica watches features 18k increased silver situation of 42mm, pearl amazingly glass, pure dark switch with white indicators, Persia numbers at the roles of 12, 9, 6 o-clock, date show window at the position of 3 o-clock and lustrous indicators and hands. Located inside is the automated activity. It is completed dark authentic gator natural leather band, water resistant to 300m. This type of wrist watch is not only stylish and traditional but also efficient, especially appropriate for guys. It is good-looking to match the sports or informal clothing collection, instinctively taking out your outstanding taste and perceptive understanding. It comes with the product number of L36748500 at a price of RMB 56,400.

Longines Cure Submariner with Microsky show, contemporary, beautiful and innovative
Designer wristwatches with shiny shade and kindness are intended to entice individuals attention. This wonderfully designed submariner is really contemporary for its Microsky switch in red shade, loving and possible. Assume you are dependent to snorkeling or sea traveling, this professional wrist watch with extremely excellent functions should be you ideal option. Moreover, its sports air makes it appropriate for daily wearing. At any occasion, it can emphasize the energy and positive character of the owner.

This type of wrist watch is recognized by stainless-steel situation, sea red switch with Microsky, red single spinning submariner frame with printed figures, spinning back and screw-in watch top with security. The men design has a situation of 39mm and is equipped with automated activity. While, the lady design has a situation of 39.5mm and comes with quarta movement activity. Both are completed metal wristbands, water resistant to 300m.