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Using Brain Control Your iPhone by Xwave

Xwave is the latest design for your new controlling way of your iPhone, brain controlling. This Xwave is a kind of headphone, and users can wear it in the head to control your iPhone now. The  high-tech sensor in this equipment can read brain channels and then transforms them into different digital signals, then show it in different colors in iPhone screen. What’s more, this Xwave application can let users use brain control the objects in the screen to help them train focusing and relaxing their brain in a certain time.

This mind control is focused on one certain aim – change the shape of the objects, and then show the different grade whether the users are focusing or relax. This Xwave is designed by PLX Devices, who uses the epilepsy cure technology manufactures this high-tech sensor. Also, this XWave lets you manipulate a number of other iPhone graphical applications as well as the graphics in games by using your brain waves, and it provides your rating in attention or meditation is high enough all the time.

CEO of PLX Devices says: “Men’s brain is the strongest and most complex one in the world, and they really combine the extreme power and daily technology together to manufacture this Xwave. With the fast developing of the third applications, innovations will be limitless then.

The brain training exercises includes many ways, and here an algorithm is applied to the brain rhythms to convert them to graphical representations of attention and meditation values. This equipment can train users change the shape of the objects to enlarge the focus of their brain, and designer also says there will be more and more functions of this Xwave, like XWave Tunes, etc. XWave Tunes will be an amazing application to allow all users communicate with each other by using the most brain waves which irritate them a lot. PLX Devices says they are just researing some other areas this Xwave can be used, like playing games, controlling lights as well as playing iPod just using users brain waves, etc. The main aim of developing this Xwave is just for relaxing and training brain to study, entertain, play, do exercises as well as sleep. Let’s see what the wolrd will be by using this amazing Xwave! Are you ready now?