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The Pride of Wild Nature-Cartier Jewelry Watch

Panther puma is the only “big cat” that live in America or even in the western hemisphere. With flexible and graceful movements, it lives alone running on the prairie or in the woods, delivering its charm of wild nature. This is the reason why so many designers are inspired by this animal to create a lot of amazing fashion masterpieces, including Cartier watch.

Panther puma can be described as a classical sign of Cartier. From the foundation of this brand to nowadays, this American big cat and leopard print have been chosen as one of the symbols of Cartier by jewelry director Jeanne Duchamp for decades of years. The design of this kind of animal print was first introduced into wristwatch in 1914. Afterwards, this print has been used in all sorts of diamond jewelries. With the changes of times, the designs of this American puma are converting along with women’s personality of different ages.

In 1917, Cartier took the brilliant-cut method to shape round bur and black onyx into a panther puma as the decoration of a small cosmetics case. During the First World War, women began to work outside and gradually controlled the economic power so that the American puma designed by Cartier posed an arrogant and harsh gesture at that time, conveying the message that women wanted to be independent. In the 1940s, Duchess of Windsor loved to wear Cartier puma-shaped brooches, and since then, this animal turned to be gentle and mild but still remained the air of arrogance.

It was after 1991 that American puma and leopard print was widely used in the design of Cartier jewelries and female wristwatches, which aroused rather positive responses. But at this time, this proud animal first presented a smile to the public, and low down the head, which means that women of this modern time don’t need to arm themselves any more. In Cartier’s design, Wildness and gentleness are perfectly integrated with each other to exhibit the confidence of modern women.