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Universal Quad Band Slide Mobile Phone N86

Universal Quad Band Slide Mobile Phone N86

Christmas is waving his hands to us. Are you ready to give your girlfriend a surprise? Focus your attention here. This cell phone is a good choice. And you can create a precious memory.



Every girl hopes to own a smart, intricate and functional cell phone. This type is slide mobile phone that can give your girlfriend a chance of experiencing the trend of consumer electronics. Her black color shows a noble temperament. She has the similar size with your girlfriend’s hand, thus she can hold your love firmly every moment.



Simple appearance doesn’t mean the functions of this mobile phone are also as less as other normal ones in the market! The N86 incorporates advanced technology and presets many practical functions such as Dual Sim dual standby, TV tuner and FM radio, supporting Bluetooth transmission and hands free talking. No matter your girlfriend is a student in school or a worker in society, this N86 mobile can both meet her needs thanks to its dual sim dual standby function. This enables her to use two sim cards with one cell phone. And the multimedia tools built in this cell phone make it function as an MP3 player or a portable TV that she can enjoy it anywhere . The list shows its all functions.



This N86 cell phone has the same design as the original Nokia N81 but with a more acceptable price! The last price is 96. 58 dollars. But now, you only pay 85. 99 and you can bring her to your girlfriend. What are you waiting for ?


Smooth, compact, and brilliant!

This attractive, featured- packed quad band cell phone that is designed to give you a chance of showing your love. What are you waiting for? This nifty piece of N86 cell phone is really one of those phones that make your girlfriend exciting!