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Release Your Charm Hair in 2011


When it comes to the New Year, the fashion trends still are the hot topic for celebrities to talk. The fashion trends of 2011 will focus on the embroidered quality details. Quality always is taken into consideration for fashion trends, while, decoration and other things are not always. The fashion trends of 2011 won’t pay more attention to the hairstyle which adorns with lots of accessories and decorations. Instead, headbands are the new elements in this year. The major aim of hairstyle in 2011 is to bring people a feeling of nature, so natural feeling will be the main factor of hairstyle in this year. Here I advise you three natural hairstyles.

Double Knot Hairstyle

double knot hair
back look of double knot hair

Double hair knot continues the fascination with styles that seems natural. It sits nearly the nape of the neck or a little higher. This style can also be made into one single knot, while knotting the hair twice can make the effect becomes more obvious and beautiful.

double knot hair
front view of double knot hair

Ways to double knot hair:

1. Spray the hair all over with a sea-salt spray

2.  Apart the hair into bunches while drying to add waves and texture

3. Draw a chunky section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part

4. Put two sections of hair together and tie them into a knot – then again into a double knot

Waved Bob Hairstyle

waved Bob Hairstyle
waved bob hairstyle

Longer bob leads the fashion trends of hairstyle in 2011. While people who have shoulder – length hair face the question: How to make their hair looks more interesting and varied? Most people may choose to straighten. However, there is another fashion hairstyle arises in 2011: waved bob. It suits to everyone and fills your hair with casualty and nature.

Ways to waved bob hair:

waved bob hairstyle
waved bob hairstyle
  1. Use mousse to cover the whole hair, and then dry the hair
  2. Divide your hair into sections and then use hair controller to create some loose, half-curls (not total curls)
  3. Begin curling a few inches down from the hair roots
  4. Spray the hair with some sea sprays to create a loose feel
  5. Blow the hair with a hair dryer

Birds Nest Bun

bird nest bun
birds nest bun

Birds nest bun firstly appeared in the Lanvin spring 0f 2010, and 2011 hair trend still continues this type of topknot hair. It has a small bunch and leaves people a feeling of mess, but it can bring people elegance. That’s the main point for its popularity in this year.

Ways to birds nest bun:


bird nest bun
birds nest bun

1. Use appropriate amounts of mousse to cover the bottoms of the hair, and then blow the hair with hairdryer

2. Tie the hair to a very high ponytail on the top of the head

3. Divide the ponytail into several sections, and then grabs each section with a comb, making lots of level and feel

4. Pull the ponytail stands just a little out of the level, and then wraps the hair around the ponytail to create a messy knot

5. Fasten the hair with small pins

6. Spray some sprays to control the hairstyle