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Jimmy Choo’s Boots for Fall 2011

Jimmy Choo is a name you’ve surely heard, even though you may not have a shoe fetish. This name is referenced in popular music over and over, especially in the world of female rappers, who often refer to this expensive shoe as something they own.

To be mentioned and loved to such an extent, a shoe company has to be doing something right. And they are. Jimmy Choo makes some of the most popular shoe designs in the world. So what do they have next? What does the Jimmy Choo Fall Collection have in store?

Well, fall is the beginning of boot season, so their fall collection for 2011 is, of course, littered with boots of every color and shape. And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots?
Jimmy Choo has many staple styles of boots. They are variations of a simple, but sophisticated suede boot of various heights and colors. They come in flats or stiletto heel as well. Prices on these staples vary, depending on the style and height of the boot you are looking for.

If chic and sophisticated is your thing, but you are still looking for something original, there is an alternative to the staple style boot. This is called the Decoy. This super-simple ankle bootie is made of fine leather and put atop a stiletto heel. These booties come in tan, black, and even a super-feminine nude.

And speaking of feminine, Jimmy Choo gives it all to you. If you are looking for something incredibly girly, the Kudos boot is just right. This gorgeous leather and lace boot even has a bow to top it off. All of this is placed atop a 5.7” stiletto heel.

If super girly is not your thing, but you still want a little feminism in your shoe, sexy may be your route, and Jimmy Choo offers that as well. They take a style similar to the Decoy bootie – a simple ankle boot atop a stiletto heel, and sex it up with snake print leather. Now, that is hot!

If girly is not for you at all, and you are looking for more of an edge, than a biker boot for you. Jimmy Choo offers a traditional biker boot, or places on atop a heel. This clog-style open toe boot is complete with studs and buckles, offering just the right amount of edge.

Aside from their staples, Jimmy Choo has several original designs, from the super feminine to the super edgy to start out fall the right way. Jimmy Choo knows how to do boots, and their Fall 2011 Pre-collection shoes it.

FENDI Fashion Handbags and Bag Designs

Design Vertigo special edition—FENDI Selleria handbags

To celebrate the cooperation with Design Miami, Silvia Venturini Fendi specifically designed Selleria Shopping Bag for Design Vertigo. This unique handbag is another fresh masterpiece after the design show of Craft Punk and Stereo Craft. Design Vertigo Shopping Bag is limitedly manufactured, and the bag body chooses the linen as the material, and the handle part chooses unique Rome leather.

FENDI continues to support the creative design without boundaries through Design Vertigo program, and interprets the concept of originality with arts and crafts once again, bringing multi-sensory experiences for everyone and stimulating to create a new vision and touch.



FENDI UNZIPPED handbag series

It is hard to find the bag you fall in love with at first sight. The latest FENDI UNZIPPED handbag series has the simple modern appearance and is easier to match with, so it is very practical.

FENDI Unzipped Collection handbags series interpret the women walking around the main modern cities in the world with its new creative ideas and the images of different types of fashion women. They dress solely to please themselves, not to please others, and the unique stylish boutiques they choose must be unique and also practical at the same time.

The style of Unzipped series is classic and fashionable. The zipper is the main character, so it can show FENDI double-F logo when pulled down. Syrian lambskin has two treatments. The first treatment is the chrome to protect the bag from rain, and the second is plant tanning to increase the texture sense of the leather and create a chic sporty appearance.


Fendi 2010 autumn and winter handbags

In the autumn and winter 2010 Milan Fashion Week, Fendi doesn’t bring us a lot of surprises, but the soft elegant fur handbag is still attractive and makes us fall in love with it at first glance. In particular the emergence of several new packages, they are generous and noble, very suitable for office ladies.