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Diverse Halloween Hats

Halloween day is an annually ceremonious holiday on October 31. Among various activities like treating or tricking, watching horror films during the holiday, attending costume party is a very popular one. And the costumes people wear catch the eyes most. What about hats? It s amazing, let’s look at different ethnic Halloween hats together.

Halloween fruit hat

It is fruit printed headpiece attached with fake fruits. How do you feel when you see this? Is it giving you a surprise and lighting your eyes up?

Glittery purple hat attached with fake fruit, is that crazy? Give it a go and save a day for you as a princess. Personally I hold that purple is a perfect collocation to yellow!

Arabian Harem Halloween Hat

Red hat in such festive time brings us a festive feeling. Red veils reflect the mystery of Arabian women. The golden coin trim reveals their dignity and nobleness. Collocated with the red cloth, beauty lies in silence.

Cleopatra Halloween Headpiece

Golden color is always the symbol of nobleness and honor. The string of gold beads display the breadth of spirit of Cleopatra, each string seems indicates a legend and a piece of sweet. The blue pearls in the front shows the characteristics of able young woman.

Chinese Beige Coolie Hat

This is red printed Chinese style coolie hat attached long braid. It embodies ancient Chinese culture, imagine when you wear such hat, you are a different player.

This is Asian style rice paddy hat, wear this kind of hat, you will have unexpected harvest. Maybe you think that it is not fashionable, never worry about that.

Fortune Teller Costume Headdress

Black headdress with drapes, Fortune teller’s patent? No, if you like, purchase one for yourself to experience mysterious feeling. If you like adventure, it caters for your enjoyment.