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My Perfect A-line Train Wedding Veil

Fantastic! I mean the wedding, as well as my wedding veil. I heard it before from my sister that some kind of wedding veil would not suit you very well so it may make it difficult to breathe. I was afraid of this. Generally, you know, the whole wedding lasts for nearly half a day so the wedding veil must be with you for such a long time. Whether it’s comfortable is important, I think. However, thank god, my wedding veil was so nice for me. Actually, what satisfied me most was this- though it seemed tight in the waist, it’s comfortable enough. It’s a style of A-line train, made of my favorite Satin, with ruffles on it. What’s more, there are some shiny beads on the sweetheart so that it made me look more elegant. Cause it’s sleeveless, and kind of train, friends told me that I became taller and slimmer in it. My hubby also thought it fit me so well. How happy I was!
And one of my friends, she is going to hold the wedding next month. She told me that she decided to buy this wedding veil after seeing me so beautiful in it. Should the shopkeeper thank me for my free ad?
As my mother told me, the wedding is the most precious thing to recall in the old age for a woman. Just lying on the chair, as the sunshine embraces my hubby and me, I turn over the photos one by one, recalling the most beautiful time when I was wearing the wedding veil, sharing the happy day with my honey. Sweet, right?
For the coming weeks, my honey and I plan to travel around our country. I would like to bring my wedding veil with me and take photos in it! I wish we could have a sweet trip! Bless for us.