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Jimmy Choo’s Boots for Fall 2011

Jimmy Choo is a name you’ve surely heard, even though you may not have a shoe fetish. This name is referenced in popular music over and over, especially in the world of female rappers, who often refer to this expensive shoe as something they own.

To be mentioned and loved to such an extent, a shoe company has to be doing something right. And they are. Jimmy Choo makes some of the most popular shoe designs in the world. So what do they have next? What does the Jimmy Choo Fall Collection have in store?

Well, fall is the beginning of boot season, so their fall collection for 2011 is, of course, littered with boots of every color and shape. And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots?
Jimmy Choo has many staple styles of boots. They are variations of a simple, but sophisticated suede boot of various heights and colors. They come in flats or stiletto heel as well. Prices on these staples vary, depending on the style and height of the boot you are looking for.

If chic and sophisticated is your thing, but you are still looking for something original, there is an alternative to the staple style boot. This is called the Decoy. This super-simple ankle bootie is made of fine leather and put atop a stiletto heel. These booties come in tan, black, and even a super-feminine nude.

And speaking of feminine, Jimmy Choo gives it all to you. If you are looking for something incredibly girly, the Kudos boot is just right. This gorgeous leather and lace boot even has a bow to top it off. All of this is placed atop a 5.7” stiletto heel.

If super girly is not your thing, but you still want a little feminism in your shoe, sexy may be your route, and Jimmy Choo offers that as well. They take a style similar to the Decoy bootie – a simple ankle boot atop a stiletto heel, and sex it up with snake print leather. Now, that is hot!

If girly is not for you at all, and you are looking for more of an edge, than a biker boot for you. Jimmy Choo offers a traditional biker boot, or places on atop a heel. This clog-style open toe boot is complete with studs and buckles, offering just the right amount of edge.

Aside from their staples, Jimmy Choo has several original designs, from the super feminine to the super edgy to start out fall the right way. Jimmy Choo knows how to do boots, and their Fall 2011 Pre-collection shoes it.

Alexander McQueen Shoes

Alexander McQueen Shoes are famous for McQueen. He was a great designer of fashion and had brought revolutionary change in the fashion industry. All of his work portrayed about the current human society and how to improve it. Though he has passed away but his work is still famous for its excellent beauty and nice quality. Now the Alexander McQueen Company is run by Sarah Burton. The company haven’t really gained popularity that much but in future they may be one of the best brands. After death of McQueen the priority of the company is being neglected.

Although the company and the brand name is facing some difficulties right now but it has not stopped its hard work. The shoes made from this company are of high quality and they also look amazing. Their appearance is appealing for all. Women are very fond of Alexander McQueen Shoes because of their vibrant colors and unique designs. The colors of the shoes are combined in such a way that it can suit with any outfit. Mainly the shoes are high hills. But these high hills are never close to the normal ones. They look amazing and also they have stunning new addition to them which ensures that your shoe will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The latest Alexander McQueen Shoes showed alien like shapes and also oceanic colors. The shoes were made in great style and they were loved by all the people. Alexander really put his hard work onto designing the shoes properly to match and fit properly. Long wide looking shoes were a new product shown by the McQueen.

The shoes are not only perfectly designed but their quality is above average. Leather shoes will never fail you because of their strong capability of being unbreakable through any disaster. Also there are a few shoes which are curved and made out of other materials. They are not leather but consist of hard solid base which provides comfortable walking facilities.

Shoes are the most useful element of our life. We walk everyday so we need shoes that will fit us to walk comfortably and also suit us to maintain our style standard. Alexander McQueen Shoes have a wide variety of shoes to choose from. It will not be difficult for you to make the right choice for your shoe as Alexander McQueen never makes shoe that will not be satisfactory to you. Each and every shoe made by them are not only unique but also extraordinary.

Special Dancing Shoes – Michael Jackson’s Powerful Support

It is known to all that Michael Jackson Rocks the entire world with his graceful and amazing moonwalk. Of course, in my opinion, the most important thing that helps him greatly may be his special dancing shoes. And many times, I wonder to know how he and his dancers can lean at 45 –degree angels. And now, I know that expecting for his skillful dance steps, his special shoes play an important role.

Perhaps, in many people’s eyes, these shoes are common, as a matter of fact, these shoes were designed specially which engaged with some hitches and can make people lean. And Michael Jackson graceful dancing steps make so many people crazily, especially some young girls and boys. And in the every corner of the street, you will see most people imitated Michael Jackson’s dance.

Besides, his shoes have a specially heel slot that can also help to stop the wearers to slip in the front. And from this point, we can know that Michael Jackson tried his best to serve his fans and all the people who are interested in dancing.

In fact, I am a loyal fan of Michael Jackson, especially for his slipping dance. Every time when I see him dancing, I cannot help learning his charming dancing steps.
More importantly, all of his shoes are quite soft; no matter they are leather or elastomeric ones. They are also made of soft materials so that Michael Jackson and his dancers can stand with the toe cap without any destroy.

Although he has passed away, his amazing and cool dance also attracts more people. And I think his graceful dancing steps will exist in people’s heart forever.


Shoes that Suit Girls with Short Hair Styles

It is said that all females have a special feeling towards shoes, either tall or short. They are every girl’s most intimate partners, either high-heeled or flat. Different people wear different shoes. Besides heights, girls have to consider their hair styles when they are choosing such an important accessory. A good-looking pair which suits their styles is an excellent accessory. Their body shape will look better with such a pair. At the same time, they will look more stylish. What kinds of shoes are suitable for these girls who have short hair?
High heels
A pair of high heels is suitable for a girl who is a company staff. With high heels, their hair styles will be more impressive. Yet they have to choose the right high heels.
At first, the heels must be thin. A person who wears a pair of high heels with thin heel will look elegant. Her body is naturally straight with it. At the same time, her legs are more straight and long. And she will look taller. A pair of high heels is very beautiful, especially the pair with thin heels.
How about the height of the heels? Well, the height from 5cm to 7cm is the best option. Such a pair is comfortable to wear. And it is neither too high nor too short. It is also easy to keep balance by wearing the pair with heels of 5cm. A pair with extremely high heels is not suitable. It is not good for the girl to look extremely tall with short hair and super high heels. To choose a pair with proper heels a girl will walk naturally and confidently. Some short styles of hair are very elegant. And wear such a pair of shoes she will look more elegant.
Of course she has to choose a pair with some decorations. A pair with a flower is a good consideration. Her legs will be more charming with it. As her hair is not sophisticated, she’d better choose the pair with some decorations.
Flat canvas shoes
Such a pair is always loved by college girls. And a girl who wears it looks active and lovely. It is also a good option for girls with short hair. Most short hair styles look active, lovely and energetic. Therefore, these girls can choose such a pair to wear. Usually, they can choose a pair with some lovely patterns. And a pair without patterns is also good. It depends on their dresses and their styles. A pair of flat canvas shoes is suitable for almost every person to wear. And it is easy for people to match it with other wearing like jeans, sportswear, skirts etc.
Girls with short hair are always energetic. Therefore, they need to choose a pair of suitable shoes for them to wear to have a better look.