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Christmas Shopping. Global Joy Before

The Forbidden City, the temple of heaven from ancient mystery to full of modern flavor of the bird’s nest, water cube Beijing to include all the mind, attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Here, you can see the most traditional most Chinese characteristics trend small things, can be in more world first star-studded squad citywalk stroll a good time. Still etc. What? Fast with us together, drilling hutong like clean cheap fun fashionable goods!

To vogue MM speaking, Shanghai is famous in the world “posh urban”. Not only have of the famous “the first street” nanjing road, the more there are many emerging fashion blocks emerge in endlessly. Store rows, commodity is dazzling, in order to adapt to the needs of different levels tourists at home and abroad. Know when the most accurate on discountsinformation, help you pick out the most distinctive “Shanghai” Christmas gifts.

Hong Kong shopping heaven, as countless women, let frenzy, fashion and value-added experience to get incisively and vividly, have the woman strong attraction. Now, again until the end of the season, hurry to do shopping bags of planning, fighting in Hong Kong, enjoy shopping bring cheerful.

Cross-strait direct Taiwan swim startup, to Taiwan how to mainland tourists shopping become one of the most important issue. In Taiwan, buy world famous brand in mainland buy than to affordable. As for the most worth buying items, indisputably cosmetics. In addition, shoes and clothes. Mainland cheap things, Taiwan expensive, mainland costs, Taiwan cheap. For example, also a tube of toothpaste, the mainland also is 3 dollars, Taiwan may be nine pieces. Also a world famous mainland would be more expensive than Taiwan.

Paris is absolutely crazy shopping preferred shopping destination. Paris shopping village only 35 minutes drive from the central city, gathered more than 75 brand. The most attractive, the goods are at least shopping village are cheaper than other shops, 33% and can be refund. Still can go to Europe’s biggest Disneyland and charming scenery of champagne area excurse.

Milan are indisputably world fashion. Milan shopping village is fashionable circle of beloved shopping. Has more than 70 fashion brand, many when products are appeared. Besides, still can experience the Italian parma ancient city, Italy theblack vinegar to parma ham. Ferrari museum and fabio kenaz theatre, cathedral is also very attractive.

British fashion and other European region of fashion is different, like more elegant, gentleman of fashionable personage must not to miss this one standing. Located in Oxford town near London shopping village not only covers more than 100 British mainstream fashion brand, still can take this in Oxford meets a burst of, experience British city, Oxford University spots such as glamour.

Walk a thousand miles to New York, for the people shopping mall, New York is absolutely also shopping of good places. MingPinDian gathered from senior fifth avenue, Madison avenue, new designers focused XiaChengOu again to medieval CD, antiques, second-hand clothing store, etc, as long as you want, it has everything…

Tokyo has gradually become popular with tourists shopping paradise. Shopping centers and modernization here has outdoor market displayed items, dazzling, everything, including noble fashion, MingPaiHuo, local manufacturing silk batik, tin products, cosmetics, antique, sportswear, bronze, silver and appliances, let visitors enjoy shopping fun.

For one year, Iceland krone devaluation 51% to Iceland shopping foreigners anymore. Not just foreign visitors, including icelanders also feel here is “shopping paradise”, for example in the airport international duty of old brand buy cosmetics to wait, the price is only the equivalent of other European countries, some 60 percent of the same product usually little deserted luxury, recently unexpectedly to out of stock levels.

Along with the development of the network, more and more people choose “e-commerce”, even a lot of star is not exceptional also, especially now that under the influence of the financial scarf to reduce the cost of living, more and more people choose to shop this unique way, below we will recommend some overseas shopping website some buys the tips, let you don’t come out the also can experience the fun of shopping.